Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brides and Spring Weddings

The time is right around the corner. The weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer. Birds start singing their love song and ladies begin to flutter their eyelashes while men flash their masculinity.

I'm talking about spring.  And spring is the season for weddings.

If you're a bride, I want to help you get ready for your spring wedding.

You want to start off with a plan, and the best way to do that is with a wedding planner. I'm not talking about a professional wedding planner. I'm talking about a fabricated construction of your own wedding day. This can be bought, or even have your personal notes jotted in a notebook. This will allow you to write down the wedding date, your budget, guest, set up appointments, and much more. You can find a free planner at

Try to decide on a date quickly. Once the date is resolved, the next thing to figure out is the budget. If you don't set a budget you will easily spend what you never intended to spend. states the average wedding cost is $26,542!! That's too rich for my blood.

My wife and I had a budget of $10,000. With the help of friends and family we were able to pay it off cash. The greatest thing about having a wedding is not taking the bill to the honeymoon. When paying cash for your wedding, you take the worry of financial dilemma away while you are carried over the threshold by your groom into your new home.

Location would be the next step. Do you want a destination wedding in Hawaii, or something simple in a small chapel? Choosing the location will allow your childhood dreams become a reality. You'll begin to see how flower placement would look, the colors of your bridesmaids dresses, and your father walking you down the aisle.

At this point you have probably decided your colors. You probably decided these as a young girl, or you and your fiance decided them after the engagement. You know the color of bridesmaid dresses, flowers, bouquets, and probably what you would like to see your prince wearing. (My wife allowed me to pick the color for my best men and myself, but she picked the color of my grooms men vests and morning ties.)

Here is where you may want to take into consideration of hiring a professional wedding planner. You can always google wedding planners if you don't already know one. (Facebook is also a good place to look for wedding planners as well.)

A wedding planner will help you organize your wedding. From working with the colors you provide to coaching the wedding party in what to do and when.

Wedding planners also have great sources for photographers, videographers, and disc jockeys. They sometimes have contracts with freelancers and use them frequently, and have a good relationship sharing business references. Photo, video, and disc jockeys are where most couples will spend more of their investment.

Being a photographer made my decision in hiring a photographer a priority. We hired a friend of mine named Enrique Alonzo ( He did a phenomenal job on our wedding pictures and the extras that came in our package were remarkable.  Photographers, videographers, and disk jockeys can all be googled as well, and if you're looking for a photographer, I hear Roland Photography (  does a great job with his clients and makes them feel important and takes much interest in them!

The most important thing to remember: your wedding day is a very special day. It's the one day in your whole life, when you can completely be selfish and get exactly what you want....and get away with it. Congratulations!

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